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 The polygraph system functioned in Romania between 1974-2000 only with the police, being used as a scientific means of investigation of crimes in the judicial process, so the natural persons who were interested in such an investigation could not appeal to it.

 Based on the models and the experience of states with advanced democracy where private polygraph laboratories have been set up shortly after their introduction in the activity of the police or of the secret services, we appreciated that this system that proved its efficiency for over 80 years in the Western private system must be made available to the Romanian citizens that need truth and in circumstances that are not linked to the existence of a judiciar trial.

We also believe that in a civilized, democratic society, the existence of such services made available to the citizens is a necessity. Moreover, we think that this scientific method who establishes the truth by evaluating the human behavior can make a contribution to reestablish the moral values in the society, to create a serious and stable business environment and at the same time we appreciate that the method, by achieving its object of activity, can loosen the judiciary system, already excessively burdened of cases that can be settled as well through this legal and scientific method, thus avoiding useless trials.