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Elimination from the circle of suspects of the honest persons, following some circumstances unfavorable to them;

Establish the fairness and sincerity of the candidates to employment in relation with the requests established by the employer;

Establish the correctness of the people statements in any situation;

Establish the sincerity of the business partners;

Reveal the calumnious type of some denunciation or statements;

Establish the truth in the situation where many persons make contradictory statements over the same even or aspect;

Identify the elements that demonstrate the sincerity or non sincerity of a person at the conclusion of a transaction;

Reveal the persons that through false statements are after material advantages;

Identify the assets and goods manager and cashiers who during their activity took goods, money or valuable from the workplace for themselves or facilitated this to other persons;

Identify the persons that supply confidential data from their place of work to persons outside the company that are not allowed to know them;

Examine the candidates to be appointed or promoted in leading positions; 

Verify the loyalty and fairness of the employees towards the employers;

Prevent the thefts from the companies by periodical examinations of the employees; 

Verify honesty and loyalty of the partners in couples;