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The Euro Poligraf Centre polygraph experts have set up the first private polygraph laboratory in Romania in 2000.

The company's polygraph laboratories comply with all internal and international standards imposed to such scientific activity and the experts own in accordance with the law certificates and right of free practice for the polygraph expert activity, officially registered in the RAC (Romania Activities Classification- code 244513).

The equipment used by the company's experts has been purchased with a license granted by the American Government, from one of the most important concerns in the USA (Lafayette Instrument), that has produced such equipment since 1947.

Following the training, evaluation and certification, the experts are authorized by the producers to use this equipment for the examination of the subjects.

The company's experts personally analyze the results of the examinations but they also use the most recent five analysis software programs supplied by the same concern ( Polyscore, OSS, Identifi, QuESt, ASIT ).

By using the most advanced technologies in the field, Euro Poligraf Center responds both to the natural persons as well as companies' requests, at internal (CNFPA-R-70) and international standards, mandatorily and unconditionally ensuring the client's confidentiality, the examinations results' confidentiality as well as all the confidentiality of all the data handled in the examinations process.

Being members of the Romanian Polygraph Association, American Polygraph Association and British & European Polygraph Association, our experts are also polygraph professional competence evaluators at national level, and have between 12 to 30 years polygraph testing experience.

Euro Poligraf Center laboratories offer specialised services to courts, institutions, banks, national and international concerns, insurance companies, companies of any type as well to natural persons interested in finding out the truth in any type of cause.