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FAQ - Intrebari frecvente despre poligraf
Q: is legal a polygraph examination?
A: polygraph examination procedure is not contrary to any legal norms. To be perfectly legal polygraph examination is only performed in a laboratory approved and certified by an expert. Polygraph examination polygraph materializes in expertise.

Q: Who can perform a polygraph examination?
A: A licensed and certified polygraph expert in an approved laboratory.

Q: How do I know that I called expert is allowed?
A: Ask them to provide free practice certificate issued by an assessment center approved by the National Authority for Qualifications

Q: What is the accuracy of a polygraph test?
A: If performed to exacting standards by an experienced examiner polygraph test results have an accuracy of over 98% for tests with one issue, that is over 96% for tests with multiple problems.

Q: emotions felt by the subject may influence polygraph examination?
A: If the subject is approached correctly methodological standards emotions can influence the outcome of the examination.