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Management with a lie detector

You hand on the doorknob. Reexamine in second's waiting any tips on how to create the first impression. Scroll mind the 200 pages of code of good behavior. Freehand, arrange the tie knot, make sure again that you look flawless. Get. Beyond the door you saw already written "I want this job and I will be" you do not expect anyone to greet you with open arms: lie detector.
For many people no longer is a novelty that some companies use lie detector in human resources activity. When hiring new people, candidates are checked correctness in relations with former employers, CV data accuracy. In trials of a preventive, all company employees, from president to janitor, are checked regularly if they have not harmed the company in the time since its last examination.
We noted a reluctance of companies using a lie detector to talk about it. And are not necessarily small firms (SMEs not afford, perhaps, such extravagantăa, the cost of testing a person is around 80 euros). But large companies, Romanian or multinational. What lies behind this secrecy? That does not look good in the Age of strategies and visions of human resources, to recognize that using a tool usually used in the court. And to accept that rather trust in physiology, in a world where communication is the leitmotif of all business philosophies.
Stay detector brother after you cross the bridge
Of course, there are many companies who have mastered this exotic practice of HR. But the phenomenon exists. One of the companies have publicly acknowledged the lie detector use in employment is Den Braven Dutch group.Of the 20 branches 10 production facilities worldwide, only representative in Romania using the polygraph. Not that foreign companies would not trust the Romanian employees, how they rushed to defending some publications.Decision to a lie detector test belonged to a Romanian - general manager, Adrian State.
Promoted in 2001 from a position as sales manager, he managed, using this method, to overcome a difficult moment for the company. The situation was caused by "a poor previous management in a professional and moral", as we explained Stefania Muresan, HR Director Den Braven Romania.
During 2001-2004, the company managed by the polygraph checks to eliminate all employees incorrect. Have been solved including serious situations, like the disappearance of large sums of money in inventory shortages or damage to business (fuel consumption unjustified, excessive costs on spare parts, auto repair, etc. fictitious.)
Stefania Muresan believed destroyed during the communist cult to work for democratic values ​​that characterize Western societies. Before 1989, an average shadow nemuncite benefits were tolerated or even considered normal for much of the public. So, today "in Romania, is stolen more than in other countries. It goes by the principle: If everyone steals, why I do not? Therefore, to appreciate their true value candidates who have fallen prey to such temptations. Their working conditions are modern and offer the highest salaries in the field ".
Truth - a difficult exam to pass
The percentage of those who refuse employment polygraph testing in the company Den Braven Romania is 70%. Others are accepting of bravado, thinking they can fool the polygraph (20%), even if they are honest (10%). In cases where the company has provided mitigating circumstances of candidates who did not test perfectly, says Stefania Muresan, was found later that those employees not worth the trust. "What is common to themselves, will do it again, sooner or later. By using this method, follow a rigorous selection of candidates humanly. Human quality of primary importance, training is just an additional asset, "says HR director of the Dutch company.
Adrian Coman polygraph expert says that over 95% of people who check for accuracy resume does not pass this test. Candidates are tempted to "enrich" certain abilities or skills - especially in markets "languages" or "computer knowledge".
Alina Ionascu, Recruitment Manager HR firm Business Intelligence Alliance recognizes that meets often resumes with some headings "inflated", even without using "such an inappropriate tool for HR, as polygraph". But information can easily be checked, she said, in a normal recruitment interview. In addition, "cosmetic" never exceed reasonable limits. "Can you enrich your resume, expert says the BIA, but these details can also be open to inspection or by the competent interviews or technical tests". And obtain references from former employers candidate is a procedure commonly practiced in the recruitment process.
No longer lie detector machine that I know of cop movies. Now working with a computer system, which has the advantage of storing informaiiile and not allowed to be moditicate later. The device records several physiological parameters (abdominal and thoracic breathing, blood pressure, muscle tone, etc.). At their level, "lie" means the presence of nerve impulses "error" that their brain when notifies an inner conflict between the information stored in memory and intention to deny their existence. The probability of error of the device is between 2 and 4%, according to a U.S. Defense Department, conducted a study conducted over 31 years.
A scanner that you take in silk-bag
When you hear the use of lie detector, automatically think of cases within the competence of police. This perception is explained by the fact that by 2000, the polygraph was not used to us than in the Judiciary. Adrian Coman ruled for sixteen laboratories all polygraph activities of Romanian Police, as Chief of the laboratory of the Institute of Criminology. Knowing that the lie detector is used in other countries the private sector, polygraph expert left the Ministry of Interior and established the first private laboratory in Romania polygraph, Polygraph Center.
Adrian Coman believes that traditional methods of checking a candidate for employment: psychological testing, criminal record check, advice - do not provide the employer that has to do with an honest person. And for sure a business is very important that people who enter the business to be in good faith. "Because of wrong choices, many companies went bankrupt. It is absurd to invest in a man to pay them salary and you steal it. "Instead, with the lie detector, each person who wishes to engage is" scanned "and the employer knows with certainty who is the man that will work.
The type of testing is required for cases punctual when losing an auction is believed that there was a leak of information, the missing money or property of the company etc..
From his experience working with a lie detector, Adrian Coman said that 80% of the people who create great harm companies are "men of confidence" of investors: those who are not initially included in the circle of suspects, is beyond any doubt.
The truth is somewhere in between
It is likely that, by using the polygraph machine, both in recruitment and subsequent accuracy of company employees to grow. It is clear, however, that motivation and commitment have no connection with this test. Employees shall refrain harm the company, knowing the observation, but not more involved in what they do. It may even be contrary effect.
Protecting the company from possible "attacks" of employees lie detector employer and employees located in different camps, if not adverse. In any case, the organizational culture of such firms has strong defensive accents that prevents proactive employee attitudes.
Polygraph usefulness depends very much on what a company's management aims. If you want to eliminate the risk of being stolen, is ok (some companies even have serious problems in this regard). It may, however, that the highest risk business is just to not take risks. If people give a vote of confidence, you can not expect them to be innovative and to assume the role of "shareholders" in the business concerned.
The choice is for managers. What does each of them about the avant-garde practice, only a lie detector can tell.
[Razvan Ilie] Magazine Careers 2006