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 Credibility, accuracy and stability in time of the detection systems for simulated behavior are conferred by the high percentage of exactness in examinations, in relation witht he classical methods of investigation.

Correctness of the Polygraph method and the exactness percentages are confirmed by the most famous international institution in the field "The Polygraph Institute with the Defence Department -USA" that studied the parameters of the efficiency of this technique for 31 years, on a vast casuistry of the special services, resulting in a percentage of  96-98 % exactness.

It is understood that the exactness percentage of polygraph's tests examinations are conferred by a whole series of factors that have to be fulfilled cumulatively, among which the most important are a performant equipment, software programs and algorithms  of analysis , professional scoring, and professional experts with a vast experience in the field of the polygraph examinations.

Euro Poligraf Center solved all these issues in the sense that it works with the best equipment of American origin, the newest and most performant software programs and analysis algorithms, and the experts have specialised certifications as "polygraph-experts". They are professionals with experience in the polygraph examinations between 12 to 30 years.

Other factors influencing the increase of the results' exactness of the examinations are:

- strict adherence to the procedures that aim at respecting the rights of the examined person;

- objective and impartial modality to approach the examined subject;

- observance of the conditions imposed by the methodology with respect to the polygraph laboratory;

- calibration of the polygraph instrument for each subject;

- elimination of all colateral issues that are not related to the examined case;

- focus of attention of the subject ob the examined problematics;

- correct and explicit wording of questions of the tests;

- correct choice of the type of tests to be used for examination;

- drafting of clear diagrams, correctly recorded grafically and marked accordingly;

- correct use of the algorithms of scoring and analysis;

- correct and proffesional use of manual scoring;

- logical and objective correlation of all the analysis made during the examinations;

- objective and professional drafting the conclusions of expertises.