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The polygraph equipment used in the Euro Poligraf Center laboratories are of American origin, produced by the Lafayette Concern, model LX-4000, this being the most modern device of the polygraph equipment produced by Lafayette Instruments Co. Concern.

The American Concern Lafayette Instruments is one of the pioneers of the polygraph technique, building such devices for over 60 years and being the most famous and appreciated equipment worldwide.

The Lafayette model - LX-4000 appeared in 2002 currently being the most advanced computerized polygraph system which, unlike other computerized polygraph systems already classic, is tracking 7 recording channels of the physiological parameters, such channels being recorded and represented simultaneously in the polygraph diagrams.

Such parameters are: abdominal and thoracic breath, resistance /electro dermatological  conductibility, blood pressure level at brachial level, blood pressure level at fingers' level, pulse and muscle tonus. 

Unlike the classic polygraph systems, the LX-4000 computerized polygraph is based on a  software with scoring algorithms specially designed for this system that facilitate the activity of evaluation and analysis of the polygraph expert, but does not replace it.

The advantages offered by this new system reside in a neutral and objective analysis  in mathematical algorithms of the trajectory of the diagrams stored in the memory of the computer.

These algorithms have been studied and developed in time, PolyScoreTM now being one of the best analysis algorithms, that improve with each release of a new version. This sophisticated software is developed for Lafayette Instruments by the Laboratory for Applied Physics from the John Hopkins USA University.

Along with this equipment we use other few software programs to analyze the results of the examinations.

QuESt (Quantitative Evaluation System) – elaborated by Lafayette Instrument, OSS (Objective Scoring System) – developed by e Raymond Nelson, Mark Handler and Donald Krapohl, ASIT and Identifi, the last one being adapted to the modality of work of the institutions of the defense system of the USA. 

The Lafayette Instruments Company is also the main supplier of polygraph equipment for the American government (police, defense, secret services), for this reason the export of the polygraph equipment being limited to clients agreed by the American government, Euro Poligraf Center being one of them.

The LX-4000 polygraph model offers a series of facilities such as: long term storage of all the data of the polygraph examinations in databases and multiple possibilities of analysis, interpretation and scoring of the diagrams resulted following the examinations.

The system also has a database concerning the active substances contained in medicines, (Lafayette Drug Reference) as well as the modality these can influence the polygraph diagrams trajectories. The system has been created by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences from Maryland University in Baltimore, USA.

For the voice stress analysis, the most advanced computerized detection system of voice simulated behavior is used, the newest version of TRUSTER PRO respectively, produced by Trustech Ltd. Innovative Technologies concern in Israel.

This is a system of vocal analysis, that detects lies and exaggerations, identifies the level of stress and its source, anxiety or confusion from a face to face, recorded or telephone conversation.

Generates a series of reports that indicates the emotional level as well as honesty level in different stages of the conversation.

Accuracy of the system

The research of various specialized governmental agencies worldwide confirmed the usefulness of the  Truster-Pro system both in the activity of governmental institutions as well as in the business environment.