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 The first polygraph apparatus has been purchased at the Babeş Bolyai, Psychology Faculty of Psychology and Education in Cluj where the first polygraph laboratory was set up (1972). In this laboratory teaching, experimental and scientific research activities have been carried out  by psychologist Ioan Buş, who became therefore the first polygraph specialist in Romania. 

In 1974 the Romanian Police purchased the first polygraph for the purpose of verifying the opportunity of its usage in the investigation of the crimes that were in the competence of the police. As an experiment, for one year, examinations were carried out in cases with unknown authors with minimum chances of being caught, thus remarkable results being obtained, among which the identification of the author of a murder committed 12 years before, while he was under age. 

As such the first study was drafted showing that the polygraph system is a viable means of scientific research of the crime and at the same time it confers the possibility of exploring and interpreting a new category of "traces", not accessable to any other means of judicial or criminal investigation, that is the information stored in the human mind. Following the studies, the first 3 polygraph laboratories have been set up in the criminal police departments in Bucharest - Tudorel Butoi (1975), Cluj - Ioan Bus (1980) and Timisoara - Toma Voiculescu (1981). 

Subsequently, in 19 years, polygraph laboratories have been set up in all the county police departments, thus achiving a strong system to scientifically investigate criminality. Following the example of the technical-scientific police, the polygraph examination system has been subsequently developed in the inteligence services and other governmental structures. 

The first private polygraph laboratory in Romania, addressing the business environment and  teh natural persons, has been established in 2000 by the Euro Poligraf Center team and as such the last segment of this scientific activity has been covered as well. If at the beginning the polygraph technique was viewed with reservation, being either considered an improvisation or a sophisticated means of investigation, but anyway created against people, in time, and by correctly informing the population the negative perception was changed. As such, nowadays, a significant number of citizens understood that the technique in the majority of cases may exclude from the circle of suspects the correct and honest people that, from reasons many times subjective and indeendent of their will, ended up being suspected of things they did not do. Simultaneously with the evolution of the polygraph technique in Romania, the specialists developed in accordance with the national legislation, systems of training, qualification certification and supervising systems for the polygraph experts, but also a coherent legislative framework to develop this scientific activity following the model of the countries with consolidated democracies and with experience of over 115 years in the field.